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Over time, many people have been sharing pictures of small animals on our Facebook group. The very core of the Museum in on web site, but we use social networks as well, and we are going to upgrade and activate the other platforms too.
Ophraella communa, fam. Chrysomelidae. Italia, Brescia, 25 Aug 2015. Provided by Paolo to children for didactics, but not shot with them.
                        Ophraella communa, fam. Chrysomelidae. Italia, Brescia, 25 Aug 2015. Provided by Paolo to children for didactics, but not shot with them.
In the beginning there are children exploring their school yard...

It all started collecting pictures of insects, spiders, millipedes in the school yard or garden.
Then, we have exchanged those pictures on the internet. Scientific names are international, equal in every part of the world. So here is the VIRTUAL MUSEUM OF SMALL ANIMALS, found and shared by children.

We take and share the pictures!

We do science and build our own platform!

We tell and manage the stories!

Here we are writing our online multimedia book on the small animals we meet!
Staff, Schools & Groups

A staff is ready for questions, answers, meetings, courses on line and in presence. Schools and groups can meet here and share news and informations.
Activities in progress
Macro photography
& video

Today, cameras and smartphones allow all, even kids, to take easy macro pictures and discover  an amazing reality very close in everyday life.
Direct experience
in the field
Our body and living environment, the real world in which we live, that we can see, hear, touch, smell, know. Life is around us, amazing and worthy of respect, with all the wonder of biodiversity. Technology can help us to watch better, remember, share the pictures and sounds of our experience.
And we all are, well based on our real life, senses, emotions, the active makers of the information.
Drawing & Art

We generally do not think of it, but every picture we post on a social network is actually "published". Besides, there are naturally also books, videos and professional multimedia and web works!
Musem History

The Children's Virtual Museum of Small Animals has in fact a long history, and here one can know it.
The Museum Door

The Museum Door
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web site
under construction in English and Italian
For many years, though deriving from professional workshops on the field by Paolo Beneventi, the Museum on line has been essentially an amateur activity, with the photos, videos and information put on test and provisional web pages, or occasionally shared on social networks.
From October 2022 the founder has decided to redesign everything, in order to set up a veritable on line workshop for all those who like to take part in it. It is not a commercial product to sell and not just a showcase to look at, but a space to build and develop together, a small example of how today on the Web people, even children, can meet and, starting from their real experience, share small pieces of knowledge and wonder and set up a work together, as active and constructive protagonists in the globalized society.
Tell us what works and what doesn’t, we need the cooperation of everyone!

Published on November 28, 2022, this renewed edition of the Museum is an open laboratory in progress to work together.
From January 2023 it is regularly updated, with pictures and stuff from kids and collaborators from all over the world.
In these web pages we can find...
The Museum Door
The Museum Door
Children friendly classification
The Children's Virtual Museum of Small Animals
from the school yard to the Internet!
For Kids, for Teachers, for all People who want to set it up together!
The texts in the Museum are in English, because it is an international project. Many videos are in Italian, because it has been developing mainly in Italy.

The scientific names of animals are the same all over the world!

Here is a message to begin with, in English and Italian.

Go and watch the Summary Table!

Stories & Multimedia
Children's Works

Latest update: 21 Dec.2023