Learning with kids
To go out in the green for insects and spiders with cameras is a play, surprise, curiosity, and true knowledge, in the manner of children. They like it very much, with often great results.
Education in not only teaching!

When children have interesting experiences, playing with other children or together with an adult educator, they learn. And they teach too!
Watching kids when playing impromptu theatrical actions, freely exploring a computer image or sound processing software, or discovering unexpected tiny inhabitants in the grass, the bark of trees or under the stones, we educators learn a lot of things, about kids themselves and the way they develop knowledge.
This virtual space, these pages, are made thinking above all of children, of how they observe, search, click, and are probably amazed when they can see certain images greatly magnified.
We'll do tests, we'll ask, we'll check with their teachers, we'll make things right together. We are not here, as it usually happens, to choose from ready-made catalogs offered by the market. Here children and adults are to collaborate, do something together, possibly new.
From our experience, it is from the sincere children's answers that we see if a way of working is right or not.
If you don't like something or it doesn't work, tell us!

The Children's Virtual Museum of Small Animals
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For Kids, for Teachers, for all People who want to set it up together!
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