Animalia, clade Lophotrochozoa Phylum Mollusca
Hall Lophotrochozoa
Kingdom Animalia, clade Lophotrochozoa Phylum Annelida *
Class Gastropoda
Class Clitellata
Subclass Oligochaeta

The Children's Virtual Museum of Small Animals
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For Kids, for Teachers, for all People who want to set it up together!
An old music video (in Italian with English subtitles) from a children's song many years ago now, music, sound and voice by Piero Giambruno and words by Paolo Beneventi. The images are taken from environmental animation meetings in schools.
Just published online, the song was noticed and included in Ananchè Teatro’s play "Il signore degli anellidi" (pun with "The Lord of Rings": Ring in Italian is "anello" and Annelida "Anellidi")..
* The word is from Latin anellum = ring. The name “Annelida" probably comes from an incorrect transcription.
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