Small animals offer a great variety of shapes and colours  for the drawings of children, and macro projection allow also very detailed "live" copy by the young discoverers. Here are works from common classes and from schools of arts. They are quite old, as they were made at a time when Paolo was working a lot in schools, and at the start of the online museum, when the first international collaborations arrived. There are life copies of insects, but also characters from stories.
Some works are interesting, perhaps a good basis from which to start again, eventually organizing things  differently.
Drawing & Art: The Children
Arici, Brescia, 2000, 2007
Belgrade Art Studio, 2011
Bovezzo 2011
Calini, Brescia, 2011
Casazza, Brescia, 2013
Manerba, 2023
Rinaldini, Brescia, 2005
S.M. Bambina, Brescia, 2001, 2007
UniteDreams, Iran, 2010
Volta, Brescia, 2007
maestra Paola

The Children's Virtual Museum of Small Animals
from the school yard to the Internet!
For Kids, for Teachers, for all People who want to set it up together!
Arici primary school, Brescia, Italy, 2000, 2007
Primary school of Bovezzo (BS), Italy, 2011
Primary school of Manerba, (BS), Italy, 2023
Calini primary school, Brescia, Italy, 2011
Santa Maria Bambina primary school, Brescia, Italy, 2001, 2007
Volta primary school, Brescia, Italy, 2007
Art Studio "Petit Monmartre", Belgrade, Serbia, 2011
Group United Dreams, Iran, 2010
Rinaldini primary school, Brescia, Italy, 2005
Maestra Paolas's work is only a temporary introduction to a new page we are opening soon, with adult artists' works, as "glass insects" and other, that probably children will find them interesting.
From some insects made by teacher Paola, just a hint of the new page that we will set up soon, with the works of grown up artists...
Map of Animals
Map of Animals
Map of Animals
Casazza primary school, Brescia, Italy, 2013