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Other articles and books by Paolo Beneventi related to the topics in these pages.
For children, "discover" the world of small animals, encouraged by adults who pay attention to their point of view, has a strong impact not only emotional but also cognitive.
The simplicity with which, in a context of play and group knowledge, they know how to connect direct experience of the natural world with the use of technology - audiovisuals, computers, the internet - it is an example of how we all could live better the opportunities and challenges of our time.
Children have so much to teach us.

The founder of this Museum, relied heavily on fieldwork with children for his publications, not only dealing with the environment, nature and education, but also more generally with technology and active citizenship.

Dall’uscita in giardino al museo virtuale

Articles by Paolo Beneventi in this Italian Magazine, in his column on Education and the media. Beyond small animals, it is what actually we are dealing with here. In Italian.

This book deals with children, the environment and the information society. It relies heavily on field experiences with children, from which the author has learned a great deal, in Italian


This is a 2 volume international book with 74 small essays on technology and education. In volume I, page 1, the first article is on the Children's Virtual Museum of Small Animals, in English


This personal blog is about children and their actual or possible role in our society, with many references on environmental education and small animals, in Italian, English, Spanish.

An article on the first idea of this Museum, years ago, on a educational magazine, in Italian

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Anche i bombi giocano a palla

Books, Articles, Multimedia, Web Sites, Blogs, Social Networks...
This is publishing, and today we are all publisher, often unaware, even when we simple write a post or upload a picture in our profile somewhere on the web.
Here we consider aware publications, coming from a project, professional, semi professional and amateur, directly connected with the activities around our Museum or interesting for the work that can be done for example in schools, because they provide cues and ideas. Some are for children, other more for educators, and many for everyone!

Articles from the web

let us know which ones you find interesting, in any language










Ebooks by Paolo Beneventi


of science, photography and poetry, in Italian.


4 were published some years ago with Mammeonline / Matilda publisher and are now freely readable online. They, as the Museum, come directly from the work on the fields with schools, and were proposed by the character holding the pencil, Echino, Giornale Bambino (child newspaper). Probably others are coming soon.

page in progress...
Stories & MultiMedia

Here we will insert also stories and works by children, texts, drawings and multimedia, which we are seeing how to make accessible in online consultation

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Clicking here you can download the multimedia catalog of the exhibition unexpected citizens of 2007 and, after unzipping, navigate it on a computer with Windows.

As it's now out of the catalog, you can read here not the final PDF, but the proofs,that someone may find useful!


Trichodes apiarius, fam. Cleridae. Remedello (BS), 10 Jun 2010. Bonsignori Inst, high school cl. V
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