Schools, places, collaborations:


In these schools and places of culture, where children and other people occasionally look at these pages, send us pictures of what they find, or somehow interact with us, they have set a station that refers to the Children's Virtua Museum of Small Animals.

A "station" can be a poster on the wall, a bulletin board with photos and drawings, a desk with a screen and internet connection, a shelf with books and magazines about small animals, a totem pole made by children, or any other visible sign of collaboration with our Museum.
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People & Ideas
Paolo Beneventi, the creator of the Museum, has been working during a lot of years with thousands of children, making theatre and videos, inventing stories and writing books, using computers, just basing on the natural capacity of children of learning and doing by playing, following and developing the pedagogic attitude known in Italy from the Seventies as “animazione teatrale.”

Cindea Hung is animator of several international projects as The Organic Garden Dream, awarded in contests as the Global Junior Challenge. She is administrator of the Museum Facebook group.

Many other teachers and educators have been and are involved in our projects, from many parts of the world.
Anotylus rugosus, fam. Staphylinidae. Italia, Brescia,  30 Oct 2013,    Giovanni XXIII,, cl. 3a

(Brascia, Italy, Arici prrimry school, year 2000
(Brascia, Italy, Giovanni XXIII prrimry school, year 2014
Feng-si Junior High School, Kaohsiung City,Taiwan,  2017
Pyrgos, Greece, III  prrimry school, year 2015
Warning: In some pictures and videos small animals are in the hands of kids. They were normally not hurt and were put back in their sites, but it is not correct.
Only few of of them can be dangerous for humans, but in general, if they casually come on our body, we have to gently depose them elsewhere, or wait for them to fly away.
As a general rule, we have to watch them closely, take pictures but
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The Museum Door
The Children's Virtual Museum of Small Animals
from the school yard to the Internet!
For Kids, for Teachers, for all People who want to set it up together!
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A letter to Brescian Schools
by Paolo Beneventi, March 2023: